Saturday, April 18, 2009

IPL in South Africa. It's different!!!

IPL began today. Mumbai Indians defeated the last year edition's runners up, riding on a fantastic knock by Sachin Tendulkar. The surprise for me was Royal Challengers beating last edition's champions Rajasthan Royals. The big performers for RC were Rahul Dravid, who played some fantastic, delightful shots for his 66 runs in 48 balls, and Anil Kumble, who finished with figures of 3.1-5-5. But, not before Shane Warne displayed his craft. Class and not youth is this IPL's character.

Oooops ... Rahul hot again?

Rahul Dravid was insulted last year when the pitches were prepared for any Tom, Dick and Harry to make quick fire 20-30 runs. Just like a more mundane, text book examination paper could not separate the good students from the not-so-good. Can't help but mention in the same breath that recession has no such tolerance for incompetence.

Experience and class has value. Exponentially more when the conditions are different and difficult. With pitches like these, Rahul Dravid will be a premium player. Thankfully!!!

Rahul Dravid after the match: "... with conditions like this, players like me have a chance."

Subtle sarcasm! I loved it. More than his exquisite, flawless batting display.


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itinerant said...

I just got here and notice that you have done a Rahul Dravid is great post. I think similarly but I saw it more in the context of the challenges Dravid faced, too slow for limited overs format etc and his peer Saurab Gongoly.

I did a post on it too, similar lines, except I washed some of my dirty linen in public.

Utpal said...


Rahul Dravid in my view has built on his game continuously. He has perfected his game. Ganguly on the other hand has banked far more on his natural talent.

And the game against the Deccan chargers was such a treat. Who would have predicted last year that Rahul would be the height run getter (as on 22nd April) in this IPL.

I remember Uthappa being very vocal about the youthfulness needed for 20-20. Looking at his performance so far, reminds me, life has a way of its own in delivering lessons in humility.