Friday, October 31, 2008

Why to Start a Startup in Bad Economy By Paul Graham.

The following article I found while general surfing and found it interesting and more importantly pleasant amids the gloom of economic slowdown. The article is written by Paul Graham. Paul Graham is an essayist, programmer, and programming language designer. In 1995 he developed with Robert Morris the first web-based application, Viaweb, which was acquired by Yahoo in 1998. In 2002 he described a simple statistical spam filter that inspired most current filters. He's currently working on a new programming language called Arc, a new book on startups, and is one of the partners in Y Combinator.

Why to Start a Startup in Bad Economy By Paul Graham.

The economic situation is apparently so grim that some experts fear we may be in for a stretch as bad as the mid seventies.

When Microsoft and Apple were founded.

As those examples suggest, a recession may not be such a bad time to start a startup. I'm not claiming it's a particularly good time either. The truth is more boring: the state of the economy doesn't matter much either way.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Paul Krugman wins the Nobel

Paul Krugman, a Professor and columnist has won the nobel for Economics this year for his work on 'analysis of trade patterns and location of economic activity'.

Aged 55, he writes a column for New York Times pretty much like the one Swaminathan S. Aiyer writes for The Time of India titled Swaminomics. Where he explains different economic issues in the language of the layman.

Simplifying a subject matter, without compromising with the content, has been my interest for a long time.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Midnight Musing ...

A week back I got myself wired to the world. It took the service provider two months to bring in the broadband connection to my home. The last couple of months have been a lousy ride as a customer, marked by plenty of rude exchanges with the agent and customer care executives. Unfortunately, no other service provider has the broadband infrastructure in my colony. So, I had no other option but to bear with the poor service provided.

With the world just a click away, I find my T.V consuming less energy these days. And thats just one of the things. It has, substantially, changed the way I spend my time at home. Earlier, I would flip over a book if I found it difficult to go to bed. Today they gather dust on my self. But now, I log in and surf the net. Or, type in a post for my blog. Which is what I am doing now.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Black Humour

The Times of India shares some of the SMSs doing the rounds these days. I found them funny enough to share it with you all.

Here are among the best samples of Black Humour. Enjoy!!!!!!!!
The stock Market is the biggest weapon of mass
destruction, and bloodless.
If a cheque bounces and the reason is 'insufficient funds', I'm not sure if it's my account or the bank itself.
There are two sides to a balance sheet. Liabilities on the left side, assets on the right. Now, on the left side there is nothing right. On the right side,
there is nothing left.