Friday, January 25, 2008

Hepatitis E

It amazing how a healthy body takes a lot of things for granted. The golgappas from the road side vendor, along with the mouth watering ‘pani’ is taken for granted that they are germs free. Unfortunately, the one that I had during the weekend prior to Diwali wasn’t. The virus took a week to announce it’s presence in my body.

Jayant and his wife Vandana had invited me for dinner on the occasion of Diwali. I was served mutton. To my surprise, I didn’t get excited at the salivating prospect of having a non-vegetarian meal. On the contrary I felt nauseated. My reaction should not reflect Vandana’s cooking abilities. In fact, after having lot of meals prepared by Vandana my verdict is that she a fantastic cook. That made me realize that there was nothing wrong with the meal itself but with me. I ate very little and preferred the vegetarian items on the menu. I got up the next day with constipation and fatigue. Alarmingly, my urine had a dark yellow color to it. I still wonder why I ignored these unusual happenings and carried on for a couple of days. Then, after staying constipated for close to seventy two hours, I vomited after a meal. I threw up periodically for close to two hours. The next day I visited the doctor. He made me go through the Liver Function Test (LFT) to ascertain if I was suffering from the condition-Hepatitis (commonly called jaundice). If the result was positive, according to the doctor, I was to undergo another series of tests to find out which type of hepatitis I had.