Monday, October 16, 2006

I am trying...

To create something is not easy. I say that after a month of trying. My mind and heart was working full time to post another item on this page. But I have been unsuccessful in writing anything remotely readable. I am completely disappointed with myself. I was of the opinion that I was good with words; good in analyzing situations and that I had loads of opinion on a lot of matters. Last month happened to erase all misconceptions I had about myself. Like always, after I am bitten by truth, I am in the mood to rationalize.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Bleary eyed at 9 a.m

In order to make my blog more colorful I found this picture that will go along well with my first post. I would love to have your comments.

A Story: One day...

The day started like any other.

Coming out of the daily twelve hour hibernation has always been difficult for me. The moment eyes open I shut them back. The thought of coming in contact with freezing water make me shiver in my cozy quilt. Meeting deadlines on a daily basis is no incentive to be out of bed. In fact the burden of pending work can keep me glued to the bed for hours. In short I just don’t want to start the day.

Today, being Sunday I know I don’t need to meet deadlines. In fact I can skip work altogether. As for the pending work, it can stay pending another day. Now, that’s an encouraging thought! However, the freezing water is scary enough to keep me lingering in my bed. I am tempted to skip everything that requires me to use water. I decide to succumb to the temptation. Now, I am prepared to get out of bed.