Monday, September 27, 2010

CWG 2010: India's Pride

"Indians defecate everywhere", commented Naipaul in his "Area of Darkness", first book in the trilogy on India. As an outsider this is how he viewed Indians on his first visit to India.
Off course, many of us thought it to be a statement made due to ignorance of what Indianness is and we openly romanticize the idea of 'maidan' visit early in the morning. Sanitation is a western concept and therefore we don't really think very highly of it. We do not want our faeces to go waste and would rather use it to fertilize our agricultural land. We take pride in such organic way of life.
With scarcity of space in urban environments we have been forced to defecate in our own homes. A revolting idea. We do that with a lot of shame but we do make up by urinating in open public spaces. It satisfies our urge to be and behave Indian. The Indian government being Indian supports this idea of Indianness by not providing for basic sanitary amenities and utilities in our cities. By not providing for basic amenities the Indian government helps all of us to protect and preserve our cultural heritage. An important mandate of the government.