Friday, April 24, 2009

Ganguly and his fake team mate.

There is an over left and seven runs needed. Ganguly at the crease - I expect KKR to win and began writing my post in praise of Ganguly and his famed resilience.

It is Ganguly's turn to remind us of the stuff he is made up of. When KKR looked dead and gone Ganguly comes to the party and guides 'his' team to a fantastic victory. We are continuously and imaginatively 'informed' about the insides of IPL and KKR in particular from someone called FakeIPLPlayer, and we know now that Dada will ...

And then the unthinkable happened. Ganguly fell in the penultimate ball with his team still needing two runs to win. What followed can only be described as the most entertaining thing to happen in IPL 2, after the blog that has King Khan (I am avoiding the nomenclature used in the now famed blog of the FakeIPLplayer, even though I am tempted to do so) fuming.

What would have been Ganguly's another defiant comebacks turned out to be Yousuf Pathan's show. And also, we got a glimpse of the KKR's coach's retardation. If Yousuf Pathan is certain to feature as one of the opposition batsmen in the super over, only an idiot will choose a spinner as his baller. I am quite certain that Buchanan, the theorist that he is, must have looked at the scorecard and seen Mendis with the minimum runrate against him and made his choice. Or maybe he let his laptop do that.

And what a disappointment for KKR players. They have to deal with Buchanan, Khan, and Ganguly all put together. And now this defeat - such a defeat. What a nightmare! But they have one good thing going for them this IPL - that blog apparently by one of them. Even if the writer is a fake, which is more probable, I see that as KKR's only highlight for IPL.

PS: Itinerant has a fantastic piece on Dravid and Ganguly. Highly recommended.


itinerant said...

Good post, you put it together well. I had no interest in the KKR team but the blog made it come alive with its intimate details.

Fakie writes well, so he has the gift of the gab and the gossip which keeps us riveted to his blog. Its a deadly combination in our boring times.

Thanks to the blog, t reminded me of a similar whistle blowing blog on the TV news industry (warfornews), I was privy to a lot of supposed happenings in the dressing room.

After all we are suckers and stars make us weak, this blog did it all. Adulation in the form of intimate accounts.

Utpal said...


warfornews? That must have been something!!! Share something with us about it.

After you mention, I do realise now, that is actually "adulation in the form of intimate accounts"