Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The best goodbye ever ...

What would you do if you came to know you have only a couple of months to live? Amar Kaul, the character played by Vinay Pathak in 'DASVIDANIYA' makes a list of things he wishes to do before he dies. He has three months to live. And is successful in ticking off all the items in the list before he says his goodbyes.

His journey through the last months of his life is not only moving but inspiring and an education. Its one of the movies that makes you introspective.
It forces you to see your life as a ticking clock and the end unknown. What it did to me was amazing. I was enlightened to do away with the inessentials. The ticking clock demands more than the inessentials. It demands effort. It pleads to be injected with depth and character. It wants to be painted and decorated by innocent emotions and silly attachments. But, most importantly, it longingly waits to romance you. You have to do away with the inessentials, and the mundane, and shallow pursuits, to find that connection.

Well coming back to the movie, it is definitely one of the best I have seen in recent past. And the cast perfect in their roles. Even Neha Dhupia impresses. And Vinay Pathak in my eyes is one of the best in the industry today. I find it difficul to see anybody else in that role now. That is saying a lot for the performance. In a couple of scenes he takes your breath away. The scene where he uses his dumb-charad ways to convey his long time love for Neha. Then there is the scene where he cries his heart out and complains about his life. And just like it often happens, he finds love when gloom is all around.

He lists 'love' in his to-do list after he falls in love. Almost endorsing the idea that love cannot be planned but it happens. Some may argue that a four day companionship with a stranger may not exactly be called love. But, to me, just like the story of 'Bridges of Madison County' this love could well be real. At least I would like to believe it was, for Amar Kaul's sake.


DREAMZ said...

Utpal i believe u hav beutifully described in your words 'wat most of us feel' .. Indeed the role of Vinay Pathak was wonderfully played by Amar ..One scene when he gave lift to the sales girl(frm whom he bought the car) expressions given by him are amazing :)

Utpal said...

Hi DREAMZ ... I enjoyed the movie ... it seems you have too ... continue the patronage.