Tuesday, October 12, 2010

IPL: Some team's contracts terminated

'Sharad Pawar is homosexual. He removed two beautiful female faces from the IPL. And he let Shahrukh Khan stay', my friend argues. However strong the argument may be I would rather have to disagree, at least partially. 
Gender discrimination?
Lalit Modi created IPL selling one of the easiest things to sell today. Cricket. He let all the his blood relations and relations from marriage to eat as much of the pie as possible. And I am surprised the BCCI bosses took 3 long years to realize that there is money in IPL and not in ODIs and Tests and that they needed to have the reign back so that they could fend for their relatives. As I argued in my last post, as Indians we are a very family oriented society. Our ethical code is rather simple - if it is good for the family, it is good, if it is bad for the family, it is bad. So now all the teams which had Modi and his relatives benefiting will be terminated and all the ones having BCCI bosses' stakes in them will prosper. 
That explains the female faces being shown the door out of IPL. I still cannot argue the Shahrukh Khan angle.


deekay said...

and wat about the Kochi mess.....remember at 1 point, v were being devil's (tharoor's) advocate....

Utpal said...

Hi deekay ... I have not followed the 'mess' so well. I remember reading an article in which Tharoor points out that he is pitcing in for Kochi team only because it's his home state and also he is an MP from there. I guess I believe him even though he is married to Sugandha. I may have got her name wrong.